September 2019

Featuring PEARL Massage Bars -  Complimentary with Every Booking!

Fresh, Sweet Hydration

Inspired by bubble tea, this Rose scented massage bar will make you feel and smell great. Got sore spots? Not for long! We make this one with sago bubbles to knead out muscle tension and help you feel relaxed. Fair trade butters, and rose oils blend together and melt directly onto your skin to nourish and soothe skin and leave it smelling sweet, fruity and floral. It’s oh-so-good for tired and weary minds and bodies.

Animal Massage: Mobility combines essential oils that support the decrease of inflammation, aides to sooth and rebuild muscles, supports the strengthening of tendons and ligaments, helps to support joint and bone health, and more!  **Veterinarian Approved**

A Thank You To Our Pet Parents:  Pet Parents take home, a Plarn Tote Bag! Made from plastic yarn which is made by recycling and upcycling plastic bags. Yes! All those plastic bags from the grocery and retail stores.

TERRY'S PET FOOD PANTRY: Just as there are food pantries for families who need a hand up, there are food pantries for pets whose owners love them but need a little extra assistance with their food costs. Terry's Pet Food Pantry relies solely on the generosity of the public to keep it stocked. Donations can be dropped off during our regular business hours. We also have collection bins on either side of our front entrance as well as an online Donation Option.

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1 hour is just too short for this heavenly experience (Anonymous, 5 days ago)

Great massage. Felt so much better after the massage. Very caring & considerate. (Anonymous, 8 days ago)

(Anonymous, 11 days ago)

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